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Sejal Gandhi graceful healer
Sejal Gandhi graceful healer

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I am Sejal Gandhi Founder of Graceful Healing.

15 years ago, I too was an ordinary girl with no direction in life!!

I didn't know where to go with my career, what to do with my low self-confidence, and how to handle the turmoil in my relationship. Somehow the magic of Wall Clock and Wristwatch Power and Handwriting analysis entered my life and I decided to follow the direction of this fascinating science.

Daily struggle has now turned into daily evolution. As I began to master this skill, each new day began to unravel the mysteries of my own life before me. Not only do I understand my weaknesses better, but I have also begun to discover my hidden talents and strengths. Handwriting analysis was one of life's most awaited gifts that opened up and made me realize my true potential and self-worth.

After that, it didn't stop there either. I discovered ways to connect with things I never believed I could. Today I analyzed the problems of my family and my friends and changed their lives too. Now I envision empowering more and more people by offering my experience and research.

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